Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development Resources

Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
It is the PI/laboratory supervisor's responsibility to generate an emergency action plan for the lab.  The emergency action plan needs to cover common (e.g., fire evacuation) and specific (e.g., equipment malfunction) emergency events. 
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
It is the PI/supervisor's responsibility to train students and lab personnel and provide clear procedural guidelines for safe use of equipment.  Generally, a standard operating procedure (SOP) is an effective training and in-use reference resource, especially for equipment or procedures that are used sporadically (e.g., greater than 3 month between use) and pose a substantial hazard.   However, producing standard operating procedures (SOPs) is time consuming and often a duplication of effort.  To support faculty in producing SOPs for their labs, a basic SOP template and list of current SOPs are provided.