Laboratory Volunteer Requirements

UNBC has a strong research culture, and values non-traditional learning opportunities for students and other interested groups.  Many principal investigators (PI) provide lab and research experience opportunities to undergraduates, recent graduates, and community members.  The benefits to this are two-fold: the PI receives extra help, and the volunteer gains valuable experience.
There are some legal complexities and safety requirements to having volunteers in a laboratory in addition to the technical aspects.  The PI is responsible for providing training and taking steps to ensure the safety of the volunteer.  The University, in some cases, requires that the volunteer relationship be formalized (for insurance purposes), and the guardian's permission must be obtained for minors.  This page has been developed to clarify these requirements.

Type of Laboratory Volunteers

UNBC students working under direct supervision:

UNBC students, students from other post-secondary institutions, or community members:

High school students or minors (non-UNBC students) working under direct supervision:

  • There are additional requirements for minors to work in labs.  Please contact Safety & Risk Management for details.

For more information, please contact Safety & Risk Management (250-960-5530).