Chemical Safety Training & Manual


There are two parts to the orientation of new laboratory users (i.e., research students, graduate students post-doctoral fellows, research associates, adjunct professors, volunteers) must participate in the Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation if they will work in a lab outside of the immediate supervision of the principal investigator.  The Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation is a three hour long training session that covers aspects of laboratory safety and laboratory functioning (e.g., fumehood use, PPE selection, laboratory waste handling, dress requirements, spill response, emergency response, WHMIS labelling).  Attendees are expected to review the UNBC Chemical Safety & Methodology Manual in preparation for the orientation.  The second half of the orientation is performed by the laboratory supervisor, and provides the new laboratory user with direct orientation within the lab space.

Note: This training for personnel who work in research laboratories.  Students in laboratory classes must take the Student Laboratory Safety Orientation through Blackboard.

Training Presentations

The PowerPoint presentation from the Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation, along with other laboratory related training presentations is available for review and information purposes.  Note: reviewing the Laboratory Safety & Methodology Orientation online does not replace the requirement to attend the orientation.

The UNBC Chemical Safety & Methodology Manual is a reference and procedure document for users of wet labs.  It contains a broad range of information (protective equipment, WHMIS, waste disposal) and printable signs and forms.