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CIRC developed the Cumulative Impacts Living Library in an effort to 'take notice' of the many projects and perspectives on cumulative impacts across the province, Canada and the world. The platform is a community-driven, online database of projects and resources related to the cumulative impacts of resource development across northern BC. We invite you to explore the site, add your own unique resources, and to connect to other allied organizations. For more information, please visit:

Integrated Regional Profiles

Throughout 2016-2018, the Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) developed a tool that integrated a variety of environment, community, and health information into a single, pamphlet-style document. The “integrated regional profile” tool was initially developed using data for the Peace River Region, an area in northeast British Columbia (BC) that has experienced the cumulative impacts from multiple forms of resource extraction and development. CIRC subsequently developed integrated regional profiles for the Bulkley-Nechako and Northern Rockies regions in northern BC. This document utilized the Peace River Regional Profile as a case study to discuss how CIRC developed these integrated regional profiles:

Regional Storytelling Maps

Regional Storytelling Maps (description): These documents integrate the experiences and perspectives CIRC staff heard in our 2016-2018 community workshops with socioeconomic, health, and environmental indicators by regional district. Originally scaled to be printed poster-sized, they have been reformatted for desktop publishing. The Regional Storytelling Maps Data Description explains the visual representation of data and the sources used.Regional Storytelling Map

Values Ranking Activity

Youth Values Mapping Activity

Data-driven Storytelling Process


Additional tools are under development, and will be posted here as soon as they come available.