How Can Students Get Involved?

Research Opportunities and Project Support

CIRC currently has a suite of ongoing research projects of which there are a variety of ways for current and prospective students to get involved, including:

  • Research Assistantships: CIRC regularly hires student Research Assistants to support ongoing research. To stay up to date on CIRC events and employment opportunities, you can subscribe to the CIRC listserv.
  • Graduate Research: CIRC staff may be willing to provide graduate research support (i.e. student supervision or committee support) for CIRC-related projects.
  • Undergraduate Research Experience Award: The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program is offered to provide opportunities for UNBC’s undergraduates to be involved in research and scholarly activities. We encourage any interested applicants to contact CIRC staff for more information regarding opportunities to collaborate.

Volunteer at CIRC Events

As part of CIRC’s mission to provide a platform for dialogue and research on the cumulative impacts of resource development across northern BC, we host a variety of on- and off-campus informational and outreach events. We are often in need of student volunteers to help make these events a success while also offering ways for students to participate in important conversations, gain experience, and build connections and relationships.

Utilize CIRC Networks

CIRC is developing a variety of both formal and informal networks to ensure the outcomes of our research are broadly disseminated beyond the academic literature, including relationship building with communities across northern BC who can directly utilize research outcomes, as well as building a freely accessible online database, the Cumulative Impacts Living Library, of organizations and resources related to the cumulative community, health, and environmental impacts or resource development in northern BC. 

For more information, please contact