Customized Training

Customized Training allows you to design and tailor courses suited to your organization, company, or group’s training requirements. Through responsive course programming, Continuing Studies is able to adjust curriculum, design new course material, recruit professional instructors, and make courses as accessible as possible to wherever your staff or team are located.

With custom-delivered training, your organization can:

  • Build your employees' skills to increase employee engagement and satisfaction through professional development
  • Help employees gain professional standing in their field to encourage growth and job advancement
  • Satisfy workplace accreditation requirements, achieve workplace regulation compliance, and grow human capital
  • Expand learning opportunities for the labor force in your community or organization
  • Reduce costs, such as travel expenses and loss of time, that can impact your organization or company's operations or budget

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Popular programs and courses

Natural Resources Management

Employers and stakeholders throughout British Columbia have customized many of our Natural Resource courses to ensure their staff or members have access to relevant skills training. View our links below for some custom Natural Resource options:

natural resource management training

Professional Skills, Leadership and Project Management

Our custom programming partners utilize our business career courses to develop their staff's leadership, project planning, and administrative skills to increase inter-office relations, workplace efficiency, productivity, and performance.

business and career customized courses

Specialized programs

Specialized programs with a unique focus are designed upon request to help employees build a specific skill set or offer career training in a specialized field. Some of the various topics of specialized programs include: 

indigenous tourism course

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