Forest Road Construction

Forest Road Construction

This 3 day classroom course covers practical forest road applications and techniques and includes seven modules:

1. Construction Surveys
2. Subgrade Construction
3. Drainage Structures
4. Surfacing
5. Revegetation and Erosion Control
6. Construction Inspection
7. Quality Assurance

In these modules, participants examine a variety of case studies that cover the life cycle of roads from engineering to deactivation. Beginning with plans, profiles and construction survey information, participants learn how to utilize engineering data to build a cost effective and Ministry approved road. Throughout this course, the advantages/disadvantages and limitations of equipment will be discussed. Plus much more!

Learning Outcomes:
  • Examine construction surveys
  • Explore subgrade construction
  • Examine drainage structures
  • Discuss surfacing
  • Understand revegetation and erosion control
  • Analyze construction inspection
  • Determine quality assurance
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Course Prerequisites

This workshop is recommended for forest technologists, Professional Foresters and Engineers, field staff and supervisors and others involved in planning, inspecting, monitoring and supervising forest road construction.