Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray 
Associate Professor 
BSc, UVic - Biology 
PhD, UVic - Biology  
Post-Doctoral Fellows:
University of Cambridge, UK - Clinical Biochemistry 
University of British Columbia - Cellular & Physiological Sciences
Research Focus: 
Obesity is a common health problem in western societies wih both environmental and genetic factors contributing to development of the disease. The consumption of energy rich diets and sedentary lifestyle promote a chronic state of overnutrition, while genetic factors that favour energy conservation predispose some individuals to an obese phenotype. Worldwide, 300 million people are obese (body mass index (BMI) >30) and over 1 billion people overweight (BMI>25). Dr Gray's interests lie in how changes in adipose tissue mass, as sseen in obesity, contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. Obesity, diabetes and associated complications cause long term suffering for patients and are a massive economic burden to countries around the world. Understanding the mechanisms by which type 2 diabetes develops may lead to treatments to control or reverse the metabolic complications associated with obesity and importantly provide clear mechanistic data to suppor the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The central theme of research would be the molecular mechanisms of type 2 diabetes, with sepcific focus on the following interrelated areas of research:
-Adipose tissue expandability in the regulation of metabolic homeostasis
-Endocrine regulation of glucose homeostasis
-Molecular mechanisms that control energy expenditure
-Type 2 diabetes in First Nations popluations of British Columbia 
Contact Information: 
University of Northern BC
Office: 9-367
Dr Donald Rix Northern Health Sciences Centre
Phone: (250)960-5442