Department of Physics

Physics is the study of nature at its most fundamental level. As such, it is the science upon which all other sciences and technologies are based. Because it is so basic, a major in physics is ideal preparation, not only for further study in physics, but also for advanced study in such diverse fields as biophysics, medicine, astrophysics, chemical physics, engineering, meteorology, and computer science.

Physics Department Fall 2017 Course Offerings

  • PHYS 100 - Introduction to Physics I
  • PHYS 110 - Introductory Physics I: Mechanics
  • PHYS 115 - General Introduction to Physics
  • PHYS 202 - Electromagnetism and Optics
  • PHYS 205 - Modern Physics I
  • PHYS 300 - Classical Mechanics
  • PHYS 351 - Optics and Photonics I
  • PHYS 400 - Quantum Mechanics II