Assisting Excellence

Congratulations to Joya Danyluk, one of the recipients of the 2015 College of Science and Management’s TA Excellence Award. Danyluk is on the right with her supervisor, Jennifer Hyndman, on the left.

Math Competition

Congratulations to winners of the BC Secondary School Math Contest hosted at UNBC for high school students from Vanderhoof, Prince George and Quesnel.

Mathematical Academic Centre of Excellence

The Mathematical Academic Centre of Excellence (MACE) is a space dedicated to students who want extra help in math. It is located in rm 2088 in the Teaching and Learning Building and is accessible 24/7. 

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Department Mathematics and Statistics provides undergraduate and postgraduate instruction and training in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics.

We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, as well as joint B.Sc. degrees in Mathematics and Physics, Economics and Mathematics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and Computer Science and Mathematics.

The Department also offers a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics. In addition, we have minors, one in Mathematics and one in Statistics.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers service courses to students in the biological sciences, health sciences, management, economics, social sciences, and other areas.

Some sections of introductory calculus are taught using the Maple software, which provides exceptional computational power and high-quality graphical display. Introductory Statistics courses teach the use of Statistical analysis software to analyze data.

An important feature of the mathematics degree program is the early emphasis on the development of abstract reasoning and the relation of the abstract to the concrete. The degree requirements have been chosen so as to provide students with a broad background in mathematics while still leaving them room to pursue their individual interests.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics prides itself of three UNBC Teaching Excellence Award winning faculty, seven nominations for teaching excellence awards, including two from outside British Columbia, and one from the Mathematical Association of America.