• UNBC Facebook Project Helps Keep BC History Alive

    After the Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation shut its doors in 1992, Cassiar, BC became a place that no longer exists.

  • UNCB Student Harvard Bound

    UNBC grad Yvan Prkachin (BA History 2006) is heading to prestigious Harvard University, where he will be pursuing his PhD in the Department of the History of Science.

  • Terrific Teaching

    UNBC professors Ami Hagiwara (International Studies); Luke Harris (Health Sciences); David Connell (Environmental Planning) and Dana Wessell Lightfoot (History) all won University Achievement Awards for Teaching this year.

Welcome to the Department of History

Check out a new course "The History of the Brain" offered this summer by Yvan Prkachin, PhD Candidate at Harvard University. Yvan is a UNBC Dept. of History Alumnus.  More details can be found under the news tab to the left.

What is an Historian - what do they study?

Historians study what people have thought, said, and done in the past. By description, examination, and analysis they attempt to explain the past in order to understand the present. The study of history contributes to critical thinking, helps to develop intellectual maturity, and assists students to present ideas clearly and accurately. The study of history provides our students with the tools to understand the past and how it continues to inform our present.

The Skills of an Historian

The learned skills prepare history students to excel in many careers, including those in small business, teaching, law, journalism, the civil service, archives and universities. Visit our careers page for a much larger selection of careers for historians.

Our Teaching

Our teaching objectives are to:
~ increase understanding of the emergence of the modern world, with particular emphasis on themes related to UNBC's mandate
~ develop critical skills required to full and active citizenship
~ foster independent learning through a variety of research and study techniques
~ encourage the application of skills in community involvement and employment

Themes from World History to British Columbia are explored

~ History of Indigenous peoples in various parts of the world
~ Crime and History
~ Before and After Canadian Confederation
~ Medieval Europe
~ Latin America
~ Women in Canada
~ History of Sexuality
~ Russian and Soviet History
~ Pirates of the Caribbean
~ Barkerville (local history/methodology)
          and many others, check out the calendar for more exciting courses.