SF9 Cells

Viral DNA from these transfected Sf9 cells was sequenced using UNBC's Genetics Lab. Recombinant viruses are used to express proteins.

Tree Swallow

Microsatellite DNA is being used to assess brood paternity patterns in Tree Swallows close to industrial development.

Mountain Pine Beetle

Several projects at UNBC have focused on the genetics of the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, including genes related to winter survival and host colonization.


This male Mountain Bluebird is part of a study investigating paternity patterns in relation to food availability.

UNBC Genetics Lab

The Genetics Lab at UNBC performs DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis with the Applied Biosystems 3130xL. We also house an Applied Biosystems 7300 real-time PCR system.

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Thursday         8:30-12:30

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