What is First Nations Studies?

First Nations Studies is a field of study that values knowledges, wisdom, traditions and histories that reflect the lived experiences of Aboriginal people and communities.

From multiple Aboriginal world views, we examine identities, voices, values, beliefs and contemporary perspectives.  We continue to actively support reconciliation individually, locally and nationally.

Why take First Nations Studies at UNBC?

This is an innovative, inclusive, and transformative program that will broaden one's understanding of the world.  We teach our students to think logically and creatively and communicate their ideas effectively, through oral and written means.  We were the first university in British Columbia to offer a Bachelor's degree in First Nations Studies and the first department in Canada to offer a Master's degree in First Nations Studies.

What can you do with an education in First Nations Studies?

The Department of First Nations Studies upholds the values and practice of relationship, respect, responsibility and reciprocity.  Our program prepared individuals to work effectively with individuals, organizations, industry, governments and communities.

Our graduates go on to work in a variety of fields including education, health, social services, law, natural resources, politics, ect.

What if I only want to take a few courses?

All students are welcome in our courses.  No matter what field of study you are in, our courses can offer you a transformative perspective on Aboriginal realities, both historically and in contemporary times.

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