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Award-winning author and former Poet Laureate for the City of Victoria Janet Rogers is the latest Writer in Residence at the University of Northern British Columbia.

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Spring/Summer 2016

ENGL 170 - Writing and Communication Skills
ENGL 498 - Animal Studies in Literature

Do you have a pet? What do you think of spiders or snakes? What is your relationship with the bacteria in your stomach? Animals are all around us. They are in our homes, our bodies, our environment and our culture. However, what they mean to us, and how their presence problematizes the often unquestioned anthropocentrism of Western society, remains relatively uncharted territory. As such, this course begins to introduce students to the many complex issues and debates surrounding the presence of the ‘animal’ in literature. With a focus on works, such as the poetry of John Clare, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and H.G. Well’s The Island of Doctor Moreau, students will think about issues of agency, human-animal relationships, animalization and monstrosity, anthropomorphism, and many other major debates that question the animal (and the human) head on.

ENGL 170 - Writing and Communication Skills
ENGL 271 - Introduction to Creative Writing

May 9 - June 17
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Visiting Writers/Speakers

The Department of English has hosted readings or talks by writers and visiting speakers who enhance the literary and cultural experience for the UNBC community and for the general community.

Some of writers over the years have included  Janet Rogers, Jeannette Armstrong, Denise Chong, Lorna Crozier, Maggie de Vries, Robert Kroetsch, Kathy Page, Eden Robinson, Aritha van Herk, Rudy Wiebe and visiting scholars like Dr. Jonathan Hart (Alberta) and Prof. Dr. Klaus Martens (Saarland University).

For further information on some of the past writers please click here.

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A degree in English is the cornerstone for many interesting careers and prepares students to be effective communicators, shrewd thinkers, and excellent writers.

Our department is innovative with an emphasis on literary, creative and media studies.  We offer courses from around the globs as well as creative writing.  Key areas include Canadian, American, British and First Nations literatures, Media Studies (film and television) and Creative Writing.

We also offer a Major and a Minor in English as well as Joint Majors in English/History, English/Political Science, English/Women’s Studies, and English/Environmental Studies.

The Department of English is committed to artistic and cultural expression not only through undergraduate courses in literary studies, creative writing and media studies, but also through graduate level offerings that are part of the Master of Arts degree in Literature, Culture and Place. Come join us!