The 2016 Doug Little Memorial Lecture

Dr. Susan Wood-Bohm
Executive Director
BIO GHG Management Program
Alberta Innovates - BIO Solutions

Date:          Thursday, November 24, 2016
Time:         7:30 pm
Place:        Canfor Theatre (Room 6-213)

Dr. Susan Wood-Bohm is the Executive Director of the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation's Biological GHG Management Program, which is delivered in partnership with Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio). The mandate of the program is to discover, develop and deploy technologies that will reduce GHA emissions from biological systems or use biological products and processes to reduce emissions in other sectors. She works closely with stakeholders in agriculture, forestry and waste management sectors as well as those in energy, biofuels and materials. Susan holds a BSc (Agr) from the University of Guelph, a Master's in Biology (Queen's University), an industrial PhD in molecular genetics (Performance Plants Inc/Queen's University) and has worked in a number of academic and research administration positions. Susan serves on several boards, including Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, and is an advisor for the Ontario Pesticide Advisory Committee and the Ontario East Wood Centre.

BioCleantech:  New Opportunities for Canada's Forest Sector

The use of Canada's natural endowment of forest biomass has been a cornerstone of growth and development for this country since long before confederation. Each generation has witnessed changes in forest landscapes, the demand for specific products and the rules that govern management. Now "BioCleantech", or the sustainable use of biogenic carbon in industrial applications may help Canada meet new goals in ambitious emission reductions and low carbon economic development. Linking big data, GIS, drones and other high tech tools to the drive for non-fossil carbons brings both fresh opportunities and potential risks for forest ecosystems, timber communities and traditional pulp and dimensional lumber markets.
This lecture will explore how the changing human landscape overlaid on the backdrop of global climate change is transforming global demands on forests and their managers.

The Doug Little Memorial Lecture will be webcast via livestream.
The link for this webcast will be as follows:

History of the Doug Little Lecture Series

The Doug Little Memorial Lecture Series was initiated by the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia in the Fall of 1996.  The annual event commemorates the late J.D. Little, former Senior Vice-President Forest Operations, Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited.  Doug was a founding supporter of UNBC and a recipient in 1986 of the Distinguished Forester Award from the Association of British Columbia Professional Foresters.  Doug Little's philosophy was that with appropriate forest management, the resources of the forest can be sustained for future generations. 

The lecture series is supported by an ​endowment form Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited now Canfor.

Archive of past Doug Little Lectures

2015:  No lecture

2014:  Dr. Richard H. Waring, Oregon State University
"Managing Forests That Won't Stand Still"

2013:  No lecture

2012:  Dr. Fred L. Bunnell, University of British Columbia
"Her Majesty, Social License and Astonishing Opportunity - Observations of a Bystander"

2011:  Dr. (M.A.) Peggy Smith, R.P.F., Lakehead University
"Giving Voice to First Nations' Views of Land Stewardship: Moving Beyond the Boreal Conservation vs. Development Debate"

2010:  Dr. Briony Penn, University of Victoria
"The Big Burn"

2009:  Dr. Robert Kozak, University of BC
"The Conservationist’s Axe and Other Thoughts About Forests and Communities  in Transition”

2008:  Dr. Winifred Kessler, US Forest Service, Alaska Region
"Revisiting Forestry's Crystal Ball"

2007: Dr. Christian Messier, Université du Québec à Montréal
"The Decline of the Forestry Profession: Causes and Solutions?"

2006: Dr. Ben Cashore, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
"Sustainable Forest Policy Development in the Global Era: What Role Ought British Columbia to Play?"

2005: Dr. David Lindenmayer, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at the Australian National University
“Salvage Harvesting and Environmental Responses – Australian Perspectives”

2004: Dr. Raymond Guries, Forest Ecology and Management, University of Wisconsin
“Forestry Education:  Meeting Expectations in a Changing World”

2003: Dr. Yvan Hardy, Chief Scientist for Natural Resources Canada
“Natural Resources Management:  Positioning Science a Step ahead of the Issues”

2002: Larry Pedersen, Chief Forester, Ministry of Forestry, BC
“Bob Dylan was right – The times they are a changin!”

2001: Dr. John Zasada, US Forest Service, Grand Rapids, Minnesota
“Goods from the woods, Alaska and Minnesota Style”

2000: Dr. Gordon Weetman, University of British Columbia
“Distinctly Canadian silviculture and forest management”

1999: Dr. Linda Coady, MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
“What I saw of the revolution that you won’t find on anybody’s website”

1998:Dr. Jack Ward Thomas, University of Montana
“The worst of times, the best of times:  Forestry at the millennium”

1997: Dr. Gordon Baskerville, University of British Columbia
“Canadian Forestry in the rear view mirror”

1996: Dr. Rod Carrow, University of Toronto
“Canada’s quest for forest sustainability:  Options, obstacles and opportunities”