Hoffman, Dr. Ross

Ross Hoffman
BA, MEd, PhD Professor
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  • Prince George


Ross Hoffman completed his PhD in Native Studies at Trent University in 2005. He earned his MEd in Curriculum Studies at the University of Victoria. Ross began his studies in the discipline of Native Studies at Trent University, completing his BA in the mid-1970's. He has worked with Wet'suwet'en, Gitxsan, and Cree communities on a variety of community-based research projects in the areas of education, language and culture, and health and wellness. His broad research interests include studying the relationship between cultural renewal, identity, and healing. An important aspect of his scholarly work is the fact that it rests within both the western academic tradition as well as an Indigenous knowledge tradition. The focus of his scholarly work has been to respect, balance, bridge, and integrate these two epistemological traditions. This ‘dual scholarship’ is possible because he has been blessed with the guidance of Elders within an academic environment as well as in community-based traditional settings. His prolonged study with Elders has provided him, a non-Aboriginal person, with the necessary understanding to conduct respectful, responsible research that is meaningful and valuable both within the discipline of First Nations Studies and within the communities that he works with.