Hamieh, Dr. Alia

Dr. Alia Hamieh
BSc, MSc, PhD Assistant Professor
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  • Prince George


Dr. Hamieh received her PhD in Mathematics from the University of British Columbia in May 2013. She obtained her MSc and BSc in Mathematics from the American University of Beirut. Before joining the Math and Statistics Department at UNBC as an Assistant Professor, Dr. Hamieh was a PIMS Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Lethbridge (2015-2017) and a Coleman Post-doctoral Fellow at Queen's University (2013-2015).

Her research interests are in number theory motivated by questions regarding automorphic forms and special values of L-functions. As a PhD student at UBC, her work was mostly in algebraic number theory focused on two topics: central values of anticyclotomic L-functions; and computational aspects of half-integral weight modular forms. Dr. Hamieh continues pursuing these topics while also working on new, exciting problems in analytic number theory, which are also intimately related to special values of L-functions.

Her current research is primarily centred around studying the following topics: critical values of L-functions of Hilbert modular forms, value-distribution of L-functions, mean value theorems for long Dirichlet polynomials and q-analogues of Dirichlet L-functions.

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