Dr. Catherine Nolin, Chair

Associate Professor
BA (University of Calgary), MA, PhD (Queen's University at Kingston, 2000)

Phone: 250-960-5875
Email: catherine.nolin@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/catherine-nolin
Office: New Lab 8-148

Research Interests
Critical development studies; field schools, political violence, violence of 'development,' mining injustice, social justice, human rights, transnationalism, migrant workers, qualitative research methodologies, Guatemala, Peru & northern BC

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 306: Geography of International Development / INTS 304 International Geography / IDIS 793 Critical Approaches to International Development

Spring 2018 Field School, co-taught with Grahame Russell (Rights Action)
The Global Order, Injustice, and Resistance in Guatemala
Field School to Guatemala

Dr. Faran Ali

Assistant Professor
BSc (UET, Lahore), MSc (IHE, Delft), PhD (University of Saskatchewan, 2009)

Phone: 250-960-6355
Email: faran.ali@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/faran-ali
Office: TAL 10-2504

Research Interests
Spatially distributed water erosion modelling; Role of large dams on suspended sediment dynamics; Construction of fluvial sediment budgets for large river basins; Implications of climate and land use change on watershed hydrologic regimes

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 311: Drainage Basin Geomorphology
GEOG 320: Sedimentology

Sinead Earley

BA (University of British Columbia), MA (University of Galway, Ireland), PhD (ABD, Queen's University at Kingston)

Phone: 250-960-6121
Email: sinead.earley@unbc.ca
Web: Queen's University
Office: New Lab 8-213

Research Interests
Critical resource geographies; integrated approach to human and physical geography; blending knowledge of environmental change with a critical approach to social development; BC

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 401 / 601: Tenure, Conflict, and Resource Geographies

Spring 2018 Teaching
GEOG 101: Human Geographies of Global Change

Dr. Gail Fondahl

BA (Dartmouth College), MA, PhD (University of California, Berkeley, 1989)

Phone: 250-960-5856
Email: gail.fondahl@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/gail-fondahl
Office: New Lab 8-138

Research Interests
Legal geographies of indigenous rights in the Russian North; Arctic human development; Arctic social indicators; resource co-management; research co-management; geographies of reindeer herding

Winter 2018 Teaching

Dr. Fondahl will be teaching in Fall 2018.

Dr. Neil Hanlon

Professor & Adjunct Faculty Member in School of Health Sciences and Northern Medical Program

BAA (Ryerson University), MA, PhD (Queen's University at Kingston, 1998)

Phone: 250-960-5881
Email: neil.hanlon@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/neil-hanlon
Office: New Lab 8-136

Research Interests
Health geography; rural and remote health care accessibility; population and social change in resource-dependent communities; the spatiality of health care practice; community-based research

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 200: British Columbia - People and Places
GEOG 628: Advanced Medical Geography

Dr. Greg Halseth

Canada Research Chair in Rural and Small Town Studies & Director, UNBC Community Development Institute
BA (University of British Columbia), MA, PhD (Queen's University at Kingston, 1993)

Phone: 250-960-5826
Email: greg.halseth@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/greg-halseth
Office: New Lab 8-141

Research Interests
Rural and small town social geography; community change/community definition; conflict between rural and cottage property owners; community development; community economic development; social, demographic and economic restructuring in resource towns

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 424/624: Social Geography of Northern Communities
POLS 332: Community Development
NRES 770: Rural and Small Town Geography

Dr. Zoë A. Meletis

Associate Professor
BA (McGill University), MScPl (University of Toronto), PhD (Duke University, 2007)

Phone: 250-960-5920
Email: zoe.meletis@unbc.ca
Office: New Lab 8-244

Research Interests
Human-environment relations; community & environment; development & change; place; perceptions of environment & development; tourism & ecotourism; environmental justice; political ecology; conservation; coastal development; amenity migration & rural gentrification; consumption; solid waste management. Regional foci: Latin America (particularly Costa Rica) & the Caribbean, and North America (particularly coastal Eastern North Carolina).  

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 203: Roots, Ruggedness, and Rituals: A Geography of Canada
ENVS 309: Gender and Environmental Studies

Dr. Brian Menounos

Professor & Canada Research Chair in Glacier Change
BA, MA (University of Colorado), PhD (University of British Columbia, 2002)

Phone: 250-960-6266
Email: brian.menounos@unbc.ca
Web: http://couplet.unbc.ca
Office: New Lab 8-331

Research Interests
Research interests include glaciers and glacier change, process geomorphology, paleo-environmental reconstruction, process, Quaternary and surficial geology and surface hydrology. My current research program centres around earth surface systems in three thematic areas: Holocene glacier fluctuations; environmental controls of proglacial lake sedimentation; and recent and future changes to the cryosphere.

Winter 2018 Teaching

Spring 2018 Field School, co-taught with Dr. Joe Shea
Geomorphology and geospatial methods in the American Southwest

Dr. Ellen Petticrew

Professor, Endowed Chair in Landscape Ecology
BSc (Queen's University in Kingston, Physical Geography), MSc (University of British Columbia, Physical Geography), PhD (McGill University, Biology, 1989)

Phone: 250-960-6645
Email: ellen.petticrew@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/ellen-petticrew
Office: New Lab 8-137

Research Interests
The main focus of my research is the study of the processes and environmental significance of fine grained sediment transfers in water. My research interests involve the movement and storage of fine sediment (< 63 microns) in aquatic systems. I am interested in both the morphology, composition and quality of the sediment and the environmental effects it has on the aquatic system. I work in both river and lake systems and have in the past done some work in marine environments.

Winter 2018 Teaching

Winter 2019 Teaching
GEOG 498/698: Landscape Ecology
NRES 803: Integrated Environmental Systems III

Dr. Joseph Shea

Assistant Professor
BSc (McMaster University), MSc (University of Calgary), PhD (University of British Columbia)

Phone: 250-960-6256
Email: joseph.shea@unbc.ca
Web: TBA
Office: New Lab 8-142

Research Interests
Airborne and spaceborne imagery and data; changes in snow, ice, and water supplies in mountain regions; unmanned air vehicle (UAV) research applications; the role of snow, ice, and permafrost in local and regional hydrology; fan of open-source software

Spring 2018 Field School, co-taught with Dr. Brian Menounos
Geomorphology and geospatial methods in the American Southwest

2018 Geomorphology Field School Information

Dr. Roger Wheate

Associate Professor/GIS Coordinator,
Acting Chair of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies graduate program

BSc Hons (University of St. Andrews), MA (Queen's University at Kingston), PhD (University of St. Andrews)

Phone: 250-960-5865
Email: roger.wheate@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/roger-wheate
Office: New Lab 8-307

Research Interests
Cartography; GIS; remote sensing; map design and use; mapping from satellite image data. Dr. Wheate's interests cover the application of remote sensing and GIS across the spectrum of NRES (Natural Resource and Environmental Studies) faculty areas. Dr. Wheat​e's main focus lies in the integration of the geomatic sciences, cartographic output, feature extraction and terrain visualisation; special interests include mountain cartography and glacier mapping using remote sensing.

Winter 2018 Teaching
GEOG 205: Cartography and Geomatics

Lab Instructor

Chris Jackson

Senior Lab Instructor
BSc (University of British Columbia), BEd (University of Western Ontario, 1995)

Phone: 250-960-6438
Email: chris.jackson@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.nbc.ca/chris-jackson
Office: New Lab 8-241

Chris is responsible for instruction in second year Earth Science labs in the Geography, Forestry and Environmental Science programs at UNBC: GEOG 210 (Geomorphology), FSTY 205 (Forest Soils), and ENVS 201 (Atmospheric Science).

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Michael Lait

Postdoctoral Researcher, September 2017 - present
Community Development Institute, UNBC (Fort St. John)
Supervisor: Dr. Greg Halseth and Marleen Morris
Ph.D. in Sociology (Carleton University, 2017)

Phone: 613-914-2546
Email: michael.lait@unbc.ca
Office: 9904 - 94th Street, Fort St. John, BC

Research Interests
Community-based research; Community Indicators Program (design and implementation); housing in Fort St. John, aging in place and Indigenous off-reserve housing

Adjunct Faculty

Sam Albers

Hydrometric Officer, Ministry of Environment
BSc (Biology) University of Victoria, MSc (Environmental Science), UNBC

Phone: 250-387-1817
Email: samuel.albers@unbc.ca
Web: https://github.com/boshek

Research Interests
Sam is interested in the function of aquatic ecosystems and their responses to nutrient and contaminant inputs. This includes natural nutrient inputs (migratory salmon), artificial inputs (fertilizations) and industrial inputs (heavy metal contamination). Sam’s interests span all levels of ecosystems from nutrients and sediment to piscivorous fish. He takes a quantitative and programmatic approach to ecosystem analysis using machine learning models; auto-regressive state space models; Bayesian approaches to stable isotope analysis and classical statistical tools.

Dr. Matthew Beedle

Northwest Community College, Geography College Professor
BSc (Earth Science) Montana State University; MSc (Geography) University of Colorado, PhD (NRES-Geography, University of Northern British Columbia, 2013)

Web: https://www.nwcc.bc.ca/faculty/beedle-matthew

Research Interests
Glaciology; glaciology; hydrology; climate change; physical geography; climatology; GIS and remote sensing.

Dr. Sarah de Leeuw

Associate Professor (Northern Medical Program, UNBC), Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Career Investigator Scholar
BFA (University of Victoria), MA (UNBC), PhD (Geography, Queen's University at Kingston, 2007)

Phone: 250-960-5993
Email: sarah.deleeuw@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/people/de-leeuw-dr-sarah
Office: 9-383, NHSC

Research Interests
(Post)colonial geographies, First Nations and Aboriginal peoples; philosophies of place; creativity; spatial and material expressions of power; schooling and children's geographies; art and health.

Dr. Eric Grunsky

Independent Research Scientist/Consultant

Research Interests
Statistical evaluation and interpretation of geochemical survey data; geochemistry; Remote sensing using radar and optical satellite imagery; geological mapping; resource assessment

Dr. Sean Markey

Associate Dean (Faculty of Environment) and Associate Professor (School of Resource and Environmental Management) at Simon Fraser University

Phone: 778-782-7608
Email: spmarkey@sfu.ca
Web: http://www.sfu.ca/cscd/People/sean-markey.html

Research Interests
Sean's research concerns issues of local and regional economic development, rural and small-town development, community sustainability, and sustainable infrastructure. Sean continues to work with municipalities, non-profit organizations, Aboriginal communities and the business community to promote and develop sustainable forms of community economic development. He serves on the Board of Directors with the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation and the Vancity Community Foundation.

Marlene Morris

Co-Director, Community Development Institute (CDI) at UNBC
BA (University of British Columbia), MSc (HEC and Oxford University)

Phone: 250-960-9806
Email: marlene.morris@unbc.ca
Web: http://www.unbc.ca/cdi
Office: TAL 10-1090

Research Interests
Multi-sectorial collaboration in community and regional development; leadership, dialogue, and trust in community and regional transformation; economic diversification in resource-based communities; community engagement and planning; housing; service provision in small towns and rural areas; rotational/mobile workforces; and community/industry relationships for workforce accommodation.

Dr. John Rex

Research Hydrologist, Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations
BSc (hons.) Memorial University of Newfoundland, MSc & PhD Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, UNBC

Phone: 250-960-6813
Email: john.rex@gov.bc.ca
Web: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/rni/Research/GHstaff.htm#JR
Project Website: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hre/ffip

Research Interests
John's research interest is in natural resource management, specifically that for water quantity and quality as well as aquatic ecology.  Past and current project areas include forest hydrology, fish-forestry interactions and riparian zone management, mountain pine beetle infestation effects on hydrology, nutrient retention and cycling in salmon-bearing streams, wood biomass leachate effects on water quality and aquatic habitat.

Grahame Russell

Co-Director, Rights Action
BA Development and Latin American Studies, University of Guelph, 1983; LLB University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, 1988 

Email: info@rightsaction.org
Web: http://www.rightsaction.org

Research Interests
Mr. Russell has over 20 years of experience working on development, human rights, environmental justice and disaster relief issues in Latin America - mainly Central America and southern Mexico. Mr. Russell lived for over 10 years in various countries in Central America and in southern Mexico. Mr. Russell’s work is that of: a human rights lawyer; director of a not-for-profit development, human rights, disaster relief & environmental protection organization (Rights Action); educator; activist. Grahame co-facilitates the Geography field schools to Guatemala with Dr. Catherine Nolin.

Retired Professors & Instructors

Dr. Kevin Hall, 2015

Mr. James (Jim) Windsor, 2014

Former Post-doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Chris Darvill (PhD 2014 Durham University), 2016-2017
  • Dr. Joe Shea (PhD 2010 University of British Columbia, Canada), 2010-2012
  • Dr. Neil Williams (PhD 2005 University of Exeter, UK), 2007-2008
  • Dr. Tobias Bolch (PhD 2006 University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany), 2007-2008
  • Dr. Deborah Thien (PhD 2005 University of Edinburgh, Scotland), 2006
  • Dr. Catherine Nolin (PhD 2000 Queen's University, Canada), 2001