Food Services Contract 2020

UNBC currently contracts the services of a campus vendor who is the sole provider of Retail Food Services, Dining Hall Services and Catering at the University outside of spaces operated by the Northern Undergraduate Student Society (NUGGS). With the University's current vendor contract set to expire soon, the Business Services department is taking this opportunity to engage with the UNBC community to explore the future of food on campus.

The management of the Food Services contract on campus is the responsibility of Business Services, who are accountable to the University to report and garner feedback. The department sets the expectation for the contractor based on campus feedback and within the terms of the current contract.

To assist with engagement activities, Business Services has established a Food Services Guiding team, whose members represent all aspects of the UNBC community. The team will work to maximize consultation efforts to obtain a diverse range of feedback that will inform the Business Services team and aid in decision-making about the future of food services at the UNBC Prince George campus. Consultation efforts are designed to ensure that the University creates a new food services plan that aligns with community culture and meets the unique needs and preferences of students, faculty and staff while adhering to growth and innovation in food service practices.

Are you interested in helping to shape the future of Food Services at UNBC? Check your email for a link to the Future of Food Services survey and complete it before April 5, 2019 to provide your thoughts about UNBC's current food options and share what you hope to see in the future.

If you require access to a computer, there are survey stations set up at the NUGSS and Housing offices as well as the First Nations Centre, where participants can log on to webmail and complete the survey through their link. 

All survey participants have the option to be entered into a draw to win a $500 VISA gift card.