Agora Dining Hall

UNBC Dining Hall GuestsThe spacious Agora Dining Hall is a showcase of wood and natural light.

Choose from comfy couches or roomy tables and enjoy a view of the beautiful David Douglas Botanical Garden.

Our all-you-care-to-eat dining model, with staff providing full-service assistance, ensures you enjoy the best possible experience. Safety measures and physical distancing guidelines are in place.  While you are not required to wear a mask while eating, please wear a mask until you are seated at your table. 

NEW! Download our Eat Fresh Rewards app and order in advance for quick pick up!

Choose from quick, pre-made options, as well as made-to-order meals for those who wish to select specific ingredients. Diverse chef-crafted menus include vegan, vegetarian, halal, and allergen-friendly choices. 

Enjoy a selection of Fresh & Fast meals and snacks provided in recyclable, tamper-proof packaging. These items are sold at the main entrance to the Agora Dining Hall.

Eat Fresh Rewards App

The Eat Fresh Rewards App is a mobile ordering system that allows you to place an order and pay in advance. You can pick-up at the Agora Dining Hall for the time you choose!  With every order submitted, earn 1.5% reward points to redeem on future food purchases.

STEP 1 - Download the App
  1. Open the App Store for IOS, or Google Play for Android devices.
  2. Search and download the “Eat Fresh Rewards” app.
  3. Once downloaded, enter your registration details. 
  4. Go to “Eat Fresh Cards” and generate a new card.
STEP 2 - Use the App

1.  Today’s Menu & Weekly Menu At-A-Glance
Preview the Agora Dining Hall menus (make sure you select the Prince George location).

2.  Eat Fresh Cards

  • Select “Add a card” and generate a dedicated card number.  Once you have a registered card number, pre-load $ onto your account with a credit card.
  • Note: the card is not affiliated to your UNBC ID.  The app will generate an independent secure card number specifically for you.

3.  Order Menu Items

  • Select the Prince George location, and your pick-up location/time.
  • Select your menu item(s), then go to the Cart to view your order and choose your payment method.  You can pay with either your Eat Fresh Card, Eat Fresh Rewards, or Credit/Debit.
  • Every time you purchase an order, you collect reward points that are redeemable on future food purchases.
STEP 3 - Redeem your Rewards in the App
  1. After selecting your items for purchase, go to the Cart and select “Card”.  Change your card to “Rewards”.
  2. Select “Order”, and look for the on-screen “Approved”.  A confirmation receipt will be emailed to you.

Do you live on campus with a meal plan or only attend for a few hours each week? We offer 5-Day or 7-Day Meal Plans, and 10, 20, 50 Meal Deals.

Drop-in Meal Rates (effective September 2020)

$9.99 per person, per meal (taxes extra)

$7.99 per child under 10 years, per meal (taxes extra)

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