Agora Dining Hall

The Agora Dining Hall is where UNBC students, staff and faculty gather before, between and after class to socialize and enjoy delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Not a UNBC employee or student?  That's OK because we are open to the public too!   

With access to over ten food stations at every meal, each one provides wholesome and appetizing options for every taste or dietary concern. 

If you find yourself running between classes, stop at the grab and go concession located at the Agora Dining Hall entrance.

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Need a nutrition boost during exams? Family and students can order from our Party in a Box menu.  It's easy - order online at least two days in advance and it's ready for pick up!

Students living on campus can submit their favourite family recipe to our Traditions recipes program  - our Chef may add it to the menu!

Diners can choose from appealing options such as assemble-your-own meals, hot off the grill burgers, hearty homemade soups and fresh fruit and veggies. Don't forget about our fresh-baked desserts and fair trade North Roast coffee and tea.

Visit our popular Specialty Meal Stations: 


Enjoy a different food theme every day! Choose your ingredients and watch as our talented staff prepare your meal right in front of you. On stir-fry day you can choose from chicken, tofu, noodles, brown or white rice, peppers, carrots and more.


If you like to be hands-on when it comes to your meals, you will love our fully loaded kitchen. Choose your faves and prepare as you like. Missing an ingredient? Let us know on the grocery list provided in the kitchen. We will do our best to add to our weekly shopping.

Don't forget our Meal Plans!  Save money and time by loading up your UNBC ID card to enjoy fresh and healthy meals in the Dining Hall. Definitely beats a brown bag lunch or dinner!  

Hours of Operation (September - April)

Monday - Friday
7:00am - 11:00pm

Weekends & Holidays
8:00am - 10:00pm

Daily Drop-in Meal Rates (effective September 1, 2019)

$8.99 per person

Students, Staff & Faculty  $10.99
Public & Visitors  $14.99

Students, Staff & Faculty  $12.69
Public & Visitors  $16.99 

Brunch (Weekends & Holidays)
Students, Staff & Faculty  $9.99
Public & Visitors  $15.99

Children under 10 years  $7.99


Check out Agora Dining Hall menus, nutritional info and make purchases.