Professional Graduation Photographs

PLEASE NOTE: Due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Artona has cancelled their in-person sessions. The Convocation Office will be working with them to re-schedule those sessions in the future, and will notify the graduating class via email once new dates have been established. Thank you for your understanding.

Artona Photography offers UNBC grads professional portrait packages and provide UNBC regalia – robes, hoods and mortar boards – as well as a variety of backdrops for your photo session. On-site photography sessions will be at the Prince George Campus. Once new dates have been selected you can book a photography session online here:

Note: Please continue to check your UNBC student email to get updates on additional photography session dates.

Photo session expectations:
  • Be prepared for a sitting fee (non-refundable)
  • Be prepared for a deposit (refundable if not purchasing)
  • Individual photo packages pricing may vary
  • Formal photo packages pricing may vary
  • Taxes and shipping may not be included
  • Orders should be done early to avoid delays
  • Book sessions as soon as possible
A proof booklet will be mailed to you at least one week after your photo session, and will have your images and all products you can order. The $60 deposit will automatically be applied to any orders that you place within 90 days of photography session; and you keep the proof booklet. If you do not purchase, refunds are processed by returning the proof booklet by mail, or dropping it off at the Vancouver studio within 30 days of your photography date. Graduands can contact the CSR team at or to get a mailing label without the need to pay for postage. The proof booklet has to arrive back to the studio within the deadline to process a refund.  

Photography contact:

Artona Photography
604-872-7272 ext 0 between 9am-9pm

Book online at: - currently suspended

Prices are subject to change.

Sample grad session photo
Photograph taken by Artona Photography