On Campus

There will be several areas, such as the Agora Courtyard and the Doug Little Lounge, designed for picture taking by family and friends. Each area will be set up with flowers and/or seating. Please feel free to use the entire campus for photographs, as long as you do not disrupt the flow of any ceremony activities.

Class Photo

Each ceremony has its own Class Photo to distinguish between the two university Colleges (CASHS and CSAM). The CASHS photo shoot will take place in the morning after the ceremony is over. The CSAM afternoon photo shoot will take place prior to the student procession. Specific times are identified in the schedule of events.

The Ceremony

Professional Photography

Artona Photography will be taking a photo of each graduate as they cross the stage, and an additional photograph off stage. Graduates will be emailed after Convocation to access their secure photos online. All inquires about grad photo sessions and stage photography should be directed to or call 604-872-7272 ext 0 between 9am-9pm.

For more information on Artona's pricing and services please visit, and they also have an online chat on their website for questions you may have. For more information on what to expect for photography on the day of convocation click the blog button below. 

Personal Photography

Guests will have photo opportunities with their graduate after the ceremony, at many locations around campus. As professional photographs will be available, guests are encouraged to enjoy the ceremony and remain in their seats.


  • Take direction from the red carpet Ushers, who will ensure you get to the additional photograph station.
  • Use the red carpet path to return to your seat once photo is taken.
  • Move briskly on the red carpet to avoid congestion.

Note: You may be asked by a Student Marshal to pause while the next row of graduands make their way on the red carpet.

Departmental & Faculty photos

Students are encouraged to contact:

  • The Administrative Assistant for their specific program to inquire about, or organize, a departmental photo.
  • The faculty members you wish to take photos with, as they may or may not be attending.

UNBC Publications

On Convocation day, UNBC will have professional photographs taking pictures of graduates to be used on the website, and in promotional materials. If a UNBC photographer asks to take close up photos, you will also be asked to sign a consent form.

Photo Consent

The University of Northern British Columbia operates in accordance with the BC Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act.

The Convocation ceremonies and related events may be recorded and photographed. These images may be used as part of promotional material including print, photography, online publication and video production, created, published and distributed by the University of Northern British Columbia.

As a condition of attending the Convocation ceremony, within or on the grounds of the University of Northern British Columbia, the Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre or during the Regional Celebrations, you are asked to acknowledge and accept that the Convocation ceremonies and related events may be recorded and photographed. By attending you are giving permission for your image to be used as part of promotional material including print, photography, online publication and video production, created, published and distributed by the University of Northern British Columbia, unless otherwise indicated to the Convocation Office prior to Convocation. If you have any concerns, please contact the Convocation Office.

Professional Graduation Photographs

Are you looking to have graduation photos taken?

Artona Photography will be offering UNBC grads professional portrait packages and will provide UNBC regalia – robes, hoods and mortar boards – as well as a variety of backdrops for your photo session. These on-site photography sessions will be at the Prince George Campus. To book a photography session please visit

Note: Please continue to check your UNBC student email to get updates on additional photography session dates.

Photo session expectations:
  • Be prepared for a sitting fee (non-refundable)
  • Be prepared for a deposit (refundable if not purchasing)
  • Individual photo packages pricing may vary
  • Formal photo packages pricing may vary
  • Taxes and shipping may not be included
  • Orders should be done early to avoid delays
  • Book sessions as soon as possible
A proof booklet will be mailed to you at least one week after your photo session, and will have your images and all products you can order. The $60 deposit will automatically be applied to any orders that you place within 90 days of photography session; and you keep the proof booklet. If you do not purchase, refunds are processed by returning the proof booklet by mail, or dropping it off at the Vancouver studio within 30 days of your photography date. Graduands can contact the CSR team at or to get a mailing label without the need to pay for postage. The proof booklet has to arrive back to the studio within the deadline to process a refund.  

Photography contact:

Artona Photography
604-872-7272 ext 0 between 9am-9pm

Book online at:

Note: If you attend Convocation, a 'crossing the stage' photograph and an additional off stage photograph will be taken at the ceremony and also be available for purchase.

Prices are subject to change.

Sample grad session photo
Photograph taken by Artona Photography