Welcome to the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at UNBC

Turning Climate Knowledge into Climate Action

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) will develop innovative climate change solutions, seek new opportunities for positive adaptation, and lead the way to a vibrant low-carbon economy. 

BC is home to a large and exceptional community of scientists, engineers, economists, environmental and socio-behavioural impact assessment specialists, policy analysts and governance experts. PICS pulls this intellectual capital together into a dynamic knowledge network that integrates multi-disciplinary approaches to climate change.

Our main objectives are:
  • understanding the magnitude and patterns of climate change and   its impacts;
  • evaluating the physical, economic and social implications;
  • assessing mitigation and adaptation options and developing policy and business solutions;
  • evaluating and strengthening educational and capacity-building strategies to address climate change; and
  • communicating climate change issues to government, industry and the general public.

Current data suggests the temperature increase in northern and central BC is about two to three times greater than that experienced in Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island over the past 100 years. This makes UNBC’s involvement in the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions a natural extension of our mission to focus on the issues of the North. We are already a ​centre for unique academic programming and research on climate change and other environmental issues. This is what makes us Canada’s Green University.