Our Alumni

No part of UNBC has grown more over the past decade than its number of graduates. Six students became the University’s first alumni in 1994. UNBC now has over 10,000 graduates. Alumni include politicians, entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, foresters, bankers, and community leaders of all types.

UNBC’s alumni are the University’s single-most important external constituency. As ambassadors, they are key to expanding UNBC’s profile around the world. As citizens, they are applying their UNBC education and experience to improving the social, economic, environmental, and cultural fabric of our communities.

Where UNBC Alumni Live
Northern BC 69% 69%
Southern BC and Vancouver Island 22% 22%
Elsewhere 9% 9%

In the North for the North

UNBC now annually produced more graduates for northern BC than all other BC universities combined.

Source: 2012 survey of 2010 BC university graduates.

Employment and Earnings

UNBC participates in annual surveys of BC university graduates that illustrate high levels of alumni satisfaction, employment, and average earnings. UNBC grads from 2008 had an employment rate of 90%, two percentage points less than the provincial average. In addition, they earned an average of $50,611 per year, slightly higher than an average BC graduate of the same year.