Web quality assurance training with Siteimprove

Each web editor is responsible for ensuring their content on the UNBC website is up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

To assist with the process of auditing web content, we have implemented a web governance software tool called Siteimprove. We use this tool to generate monthly quality assurance (QA) reports for our web editors that summarize the overall quality of the web pages on the UNBC website.

Reporting features

Each report will be tailored for our web editors to focus on their section of the website. The reports will contain information such as:

  • Digital Certainty Index™ (DCI) - an overall score that measures the quality and effectiveness of the content on the website.
  • Quality assurance (QA)
    • Content freshness
    • Content security
    • Detected misspellings
    • Content readability
    • Large image sizes (>1MB)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Broken links
    • Pages not found (404 errors)
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - criteria for measuring the user experience (UX) for people with physical or cognitive disabilities.
    • Images missing alt tags
    • Descriptive text on links
    • Proper heading structure

Accessing Siteimprove

Each web editor will login to Siteimprove using their UNBC user ID and password to access the tool and go through their monthly QA reports. Each report will contain a list of links that need corrections or updates, along with recommendations on how to improve the quality of each web page.

Login to Siteimprove

You must be logged in to Siteimprove to access the tool and go through your reports.

Training webinars

Siteimprove offers both on-demand and live training webinars to help our web editors learn how to use the platform. You can choose between on-demand or live depending on your preference and learning style.

On-demand webinars

For an overview of the Siteimprove platform, you can watch the on-demand webinars below.

Live webinars

You can register for a general training webinar with Siteimprove at your convenience. Live webinars are scheduled for 1 hour and are facilitated by a Siteimprove Training Specialist. You can ask questions throughout the session to gain a thorough understanding of how to use Siteimprove. Live Siteimprove webinars are held every two weeks.

Register for Siteimprove Fundamentals webinar

Interactive tutorials

Required tutorials

We ask that all web editors complete the following required tutorials to walk through the features available in Siteimprove. You must be logged in to the Siteimprove platform to complete the tutorials.

General use

Quality assurance (QA) features

Quality assurance will be your main focus when reviewing reports in Siteimprove.

Accessibility features

Advanced tutorials (optional)

If you want to learn more about the advanced features available in Siteimprove, you can view the complete list of Siteimprove tutorials.


If you have finished the Siteimprove training and still have questions about how to use Siteimprove, you can email Siteimprove at support@siteimprove.com for help or you can request one-on-one support from the UNBC Web Team at support@unbc.ca.

We appreciate your help with making continuous improvements to the UNBC website.