University Achievement Award - Research

The University Achievement Award for Research seeks to acknowledge Faculty Association Members who are deemed exceptional researchers and scholars.

Download the University Achievement Awards - Research Terms of Reference (PDF)

Past Winners

College of Science & Management

2015: Dr. Michael Gillingham, Dr. Chow Lee, Dr. Jueyi Sui

2014: Dr. Mark Shegelski, Dr. Jianbing Li, Dr. Ken Otter, Dr. Mark Shrimpton

2013: Dr. Alex Aravind, Dr. Chris Johnson, Dr. Hugues Massicotte

2012: Dr. Darwyn Coxson, Dr. Youmin Tang, Dr.  Sungchul Choi, Roy Rea

2011: Dr. Staffan Lindgren, Dr. Jueyi Sui 

2010: Dr. Han Donker, Dr. Jianbing Li

2009: Dr. Chris Johnson, Dr. Brian Menounos

2008: Dr. Ken Otter, Dr. Mark Shrimpton

College of Arts, Social & Health Sciences

2015: N/A

2014: N/A

2013: Dr. Matias Margulis

2012: N/A

2011: Dr. Josee Lavoie, Dr. Judith Lapadat

2010: Dr. Henry Harder, Dr. Andrew Kitchenham

2009: Dr. Fiona MacPhail, Dr. Paul Bowles

2008: Dr. Ken Prkachin, Dr. Martha MacLeod