Long Term Parking

Parking at Northern Sport Centre

NSC Parking Permits are good for a 3 hr duration in NSC lots while using the NSC facility. They are not valid in the main campus lots.  There are two pay stations located in the NSC foyer.

Note: UNBC Parking Permits (excluding Residence Permits) are good for a 3 hr duration in NSC lots while using the NSC facility.


UNBC provides the ability to purchase parking permits online.  There is a $1 charge for use of the online service.  You will need to know your vehicle license plate and have a valid credit card in order to purchase a parking permit.  Permits are sold by the month.  Only one vehicle license plate is allowed per permit.

General Permits (Employees, Students & Visitors)

Monthly: $ 51.00 (includes GST)
Annual: $612.00 (includes GST) 

Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction is available for regular status employees only (no end date).
$23.54 bi-weekly (includes GST) with a 5 Year Expiry

Student Semester Permits 

Available for Fall and/or Winter Semester's.  Rate is pro-rated weekly from the date of purchase.  Permit expires on the final day of exams. 

2019 Fall Semester: $171.70 (Expires Dec 14, 2019)
2020 Winter Semester: $187.00 (Expires April 24, 2020)
2019 / 2020 Fall & Winter Semesters: $358.70 (Expires April 24, 2020)

Reserved Permits (Employees Only)

Without Plug-in: $28.76 bi-weekly (includes GST)
With Plug-in:       $34.00 bi-weekly (includes GST)

Note: If authorization is given by the owner for another employee to use their reserved stall, an email must be sent to parking@unbc.ca providing the authorization, the additional vehicle information, and duration of the authorization.  The reserved permit MUST be displayed on this vehicle whilst parked in the reserved stall.

Reserved Permits are only valid in their designated stalls - they are not valid in general parking.

Carpool Permits

The UNBC Carpool Program was implemented to help reduce emissions.  To participate in the program, you must have 3 or more people in the carpool group, and a minimum of two vehicles registered and used at least 4 days per week. 

The monthly fee is:  $35.00 (includes GST) 
Up to 4 Months in total can be purchased: $140.00 (includes GST)

Disabled Parking

Parking in designated spaces for people with disabilities is free providing the vehicle displays a provincial or municipal disabled parking permit. For further information contact Social Planning and Research Council of BC at 4445 Norfolk Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 0A7; phone (604) 718-7733, Fax (604) 736-8697, email info@sparc.bc.ca, website www.sparc.bc.ca.

Under no circumstances should anyone be parking in a disabled parking space without a valid disabled parking permit. If any vehicle is found occupying a disabled space without a valid permit, the vehicle will be subject to immediate fine and towing from campus.

For temporary disabled parking accommodations:  
Employees - contact Shelley McKenzie, Senior Human Resources Consultant
Students - contact Access Resource Centre

Disabled Parking stalls are identified on the Parking Services Map.

Motorcycle Permits

One month: $25.00 (includes GST)

Limited seasonal motorcycle parking space is available in front of the Library but when this area is full regular stalls in any of the lots can be used.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking at UNBC is free and there are many racks located throughout campus for this purpose.

Fleet / Research Vehicles

Construction Vehicle

Construction vehicles do not need a permit provided they are parked within the fenced compound where the construction is taking place. If a construction vehicle is parked outside the fenced compound, it must display a valid permit (issued by Parking Services) or pay using the license plate number at a pay station.

Construction vehicles do not need a permit or pay for parking if loading or unloading.

If loading or unloading anywhere in the Agora area, wheel chalks must be used on both sides of one wheel of the vehicle.