UNBC Parking Enforcement Violations / Fines

Altered Permit / Ticket Stub / Citation$50and Boot
Parked in a Crosswalk$30
Unattended Animal Left in VehicleWarning
Unattended Vehicle in Drop Off Zone$30
Expired Meter / Permit or Ticket Stub$30
Parked Within 5 meters of Fire Hydrant$50and Tow
Parked in a Fire Lane$50and Tow
Displaying Permit Reported as Lost / Stolen$50and Boot
Unauthorized Handicapped Parking$100and Tow
Parked in a Loading Zone (beyond allowable time)$30
Parked in a No Stopping Zone$30
Not Properly Parked / Taking Up 2 Spaces$30
Parked in a No Parking Zone$30
Parked at NSC Lot in Excess of 2 Hours with Permit$30
No Valid Permit or Ticket Stub Visible$30
Unauthorized Use of a Plug in$30
Permit / Ticket Stub Not Clearly Visible$30
Parked in a Reserved Space$30
Parked on a Sidewalk$30
Parked in a Specific Permit Required Area$30
Parked in a Tow Away Zone$30and Tow
Parked in an Unauthorized Area$30and Tow
Vehicle Observed Operating UnsafelyWarning
Banned Vehicle Parked on Campus$30and Tow
Vehicle Parked over 14 days$30and Tow
During the Winter months all roadways will be closed to parking from 1 a.m. until 7: 30 a.m. to aid in snow removal. Vehicles parking here, within these times, are subject to UNBC Parking Policy Contravention enforcement.

Vehicle Immobilization (“Boot”)
Vehicles may be immoblized for: Unpaid fines, Permit/Stub/Citation alteration, displaying a Permit reported as Lost or Stolen, or Parking/Security Manager request.

Removal of vehicle boot will only be done once the boot application fee ($50.00) and outstanding citations have been paid for.

Tampering with the vehicle immobilization device is prohibited.  Any damage incurred to the immobilization device because of tampering will be charged to the vehicle's Registered Owner.  Total cost to replace this device is $300.00

After Cashiers are closed fine payments can be made at the drop box located beside the Security Office using exact amount of cash or cheque ONLY.  No Debit or Credit Cards accepted.  Place payment along with the fluorescent immobilization card, any currently issued citation(s) and a completed copy of Release of Immobilization Device form into an envelope and place in the drop box.  Security need to oversee this process and confirm payment before being able to remove the boot.