Physicians and Faculty

Join the Faculty

The Northern Medical Program needs teachers, both physicians and health sciences professionals that can offer inspired, meaningful education that will encourage students to eventually practice in BC's rural and remote communities. We also need researchers that are looking for breakthroughs in rural, aboriginal and environmental health issues.

We are part of Canada's most innovative medical training program and look forward to working with you in our unique and exciting environment.

To find out more about joining our faculty, please contact our office at (250) 960-6352, or via email:

Why Physicians Teach?

Physicians teach for a number of reasons. Some really enjoy working with enthusiastic students, some feel that it is important to showcase their discipline or their community to ensure future recruitment, while others find education adds interest to their day-to-day clinical work.

Most physicians have the skills to teach. Students are provided the facts, but they don't have the wisdom of practice. That is what they really need to learn, and they can only learn it from you - a practicing physician!