Application Process

As part of the UBC Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Program, the Northern Medical Program (NMP) is seeking well-rounded, motivated, mature students who have a genuine interest in learning medicine in the context of rural, remote and northern communities. The program's goal is to increase the number of medical graduates practicing in communities where there is a great need for more healthcare professionals.

Applicants must be a Canadian citizens or a permanent resident.

If you have any questions about applying, please contact the NMP Admissions Site Coordinator at, or UBC Faculty of Medicine Admissions staff at

Indigenous applicants seeking additional information are encouraged to contact Meghan MacGillivray, Indigenous Student Initiatives Manager, UBC MD Undergraduate Program.

The Application Process

The admission process for the UBC Faculty of Medicine's Northern Medical Program at the University of Northern British Columbia includes a Rural and Remote Suitability Score (RRSS). The RRSS assists in the selection of appropriate students for the Northern Medical Program. This includes an applicant's experience in rural/remote/northern/Indigenous communities, activities relevant to rural/remote/northern living (such as outdoor activities, volunteering, cultural activities, etc.), independent decision-making, ties to rural/remote/northern locations and the influence of role models to pursue a career in medicine. 

A sub set of candidates, based on results of file reviews of academic and non-academic evaluations, are interviewed using the Mini Multiple Interview format.  Interviewers are represented from across the province and comprise of clinicians, academics, members of the community at large and senior medical students.  The call for volunteer interviewers takes place each fall and student Interviews are conducted in February each year.

Following the interviews, each candidate is asked to rank their preferred site locations (Vancouver, the Southern Medical Program, the Island, or the North) in order of preference.

For information regarding application deadlines, timelines and the selection process, please see the UBC MD Undergraduate Admissions website.