Master of Science in Health Sciences

      *Applicable Supervisors:
Henry Harder, Professor
Chow Lee, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Martha MacLeod, Professor (Nursing)
Geoffrey Payne, Professor (Biochemistry, Northern Medical Program)
Stephen Rader, Professor (Biochemistry, Chemistry)
Glen Schmidt, Professor (Social Work)
Shannon Wagner, Professor
Sarah de Leeuw, Associate Professor (Northern Medical Program)
R. Luke Harris, Associate Professor
Dawn Hemingway, Associate Professor (Social Work)
Margot Parkes, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Health, Ecosystems and Society
Mamdouh Shubair, Associate Professor
Kevin Smith, Associate Professor
Chelsea Pelletier, Assistant Professor

This interdisciplinary program provides opportunities for health professionals and others working in the health field to obtain interdisciplinary training in the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences and across the University.

The focus of the MSc in Community Health Science is on health issues in northern, remote, and First Nations communities.

The program is intended to prepare health professionals and others to work within the changing health care system. It provides an opportunity for nurses, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, health educators, health and social service administrators, and those interested in the health field to pursue a program that will enhance their skills in areas related to health policy, administration, education, and research.

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