Submission Guidelines

DNA Sequencing

Templates should be cleaned via column or ethanol precipitation and resuspended in 10 mM Tris (pH 8.0) or water. No EDTA. A minimum of 10 µL of template is required; the concentration depends on the template size
(see the Sequencing Submission Form).

The following information is also required, either on the submission form or an attached spreadsheet, if the space provided will not allow:

  • type of template (eg. PCR product)
  • abbreviated sample name
  • actual concentration submitted
  • size of template
  • size of plasmid (if applicable)
  • primer(s)
To use a primer not supplied by the facility, submit at least 4 µL per reaction at 5 µM. It is suggested that primers be prepared at 10 µM, the concentration checked by nanodrop, and then diluted to the final concentration. Do not use EDTA. See the Additional Information section for sequencing primer design tips.

DNA Sequence Array View

Print and fill out the Sequencing Submission Form  and deliver it and the samples to 4-417.

Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis plates are prepared in advance by the user. Please make arrangements with the Genetics Lab to submit your plates as they degrade quickly and should be run immediately. We will setup a submission schedule to ensure the machine is available when your samples are ready.

The Genetics Lab supplies the LIZ500 size standard as well as the plates suitable for the 3130xL. A Plate Record must be completed and emailed to the Genetics Lab Support Specialist. You must fill out the following fields:

  • Container Name (the name of your plate - simple, with no spaces)
  • Owner
  • Sample Name (simple, no spaces)
  • Panel* (the name of your panel)
  • Results Group 1 (the name you would like your results to save under)
*To complete the panel, you need to provide the name, dye colour, size range, and repeat length for each fragment. The panel will then be added to our software.

Once your plate is ready, deliver it to lab 4-417 and email the Genetics Support Specialist your completed Plate Record.