DNA Sequencing

The UNBC Genetics Lab uses the Applied Biosystems 3130xl. This is a 16-capillary system, so pricing is graded accordingly. Pricing is listed for UNBC users. External users may request a quote. Prices are subject to change.

Users can provide their own primers or choose from the following:

  • T7
  • T7 Terminator
  • M13 Forward
  • M13 Reverse
  • SP6
Templates must be cleaned (using a column or ethanol precipitation) and resuspended in PCR grade water or TRIS (pH 8.0, NO EDTA!). More information about templates and primers can be found in the Submission Guidelines section.
Number of SamplesPrice per Sample*
full plate$6.75
*If you would like to prepare your own reactions, please contact us to ensure that your plate is compatible with the sequencer and that you have a suitable sequencing reaction cleanup protocol. Pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Fragment Analysis

The 3130xl is set to the DS-33 Dye set. We provide the LIZ500 size standard and can detect fragments labelled with 6-FAM, VIC, NED, and PET dyes. If you wish to use a different dye set, you will need to provide that matrix standard.

Please contact the Genetics Lab for pricing. We may be able to provide special rates, depending on the size of the project.

If you wish to optimize your experimental setup prior to running full plates, there is a $4 per sample charge.

More information about dye sets, primers, and fragment analysis can be found in the Additional Information section.

Fragment Analysis Array

Real-Time PCR

The Genetics lab houses a Quant Studio3 (Applied Biosystems). This is a user-run machine. The Software is available for download and all reagents and supplies must be supplied by the user. If you are considering using this machine, please email the Genetics Support Specialist for a demonstration.

A $5 per plate fee is collected and put in reserve for future repairs to the system.

If you are starting your first Real-Time PCR project, you may wish to read this overview of Gene Expression protocols.

Digital PCR is also available in the Genetics Lab (QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR - BioRad Laboratories). Users may submit samples for the Automated Droplet Generator and Droplet Reader. This equipment is technician-run. Please contact the Genetics Lab for pricing as it may vary with experimental setup.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Projects

We have designed and tested several fish, amphibian, and reptile TaqMan assays for eDNA analysis. Protocols are in place for processing supplied filters, unfiltered water, as well as soil samples. Please contact us about your unique project for more information. eDNA samples may be run on either the real-time and digital platforms.

QS3 Dual eDNA Plot