Division of Medical Sciences Programs

Our programs are focused on providing education in the areas of medical science and rehabilitation, including human biology and movement, anatomy, pathology, clinical skills, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and wellness. Student clinical placements and training opportunities at various hospitals and health centres across the North are a key part of our curriculum. Our small student-to-teacher ratio and friendly northern communities enable our learners to develop close relationships with preceptors, patients and their families. We provide opportunities to pursue a diverse scope of generalist and specialist practice in preparation for future careers.

In addition to teaching, our faculty undertake research in a wide variety of areas, including biomedical science, clinical research, public health, epidemiology and health professions education. Students in our programs have the opportunity to participate in research projects with our faculty.

UBC programs delivered in partnership with UNBC through the Division of Medical Sciences:

The Division of Medical Sciences office also supports postgraduate training in various UBC medical residency programs in northern B.C.