Cub's Corner Toddler Centre

UNBC Childcare Cubs Corner

Cub's Corner Toddler Centre is licensed for twelve, all day spaces for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. 

Since the Toddler Centre operates on the primary caregiver system, the daily schedule is flexible according to the toddler’s ever-changing interests. Free play (indoors and out) is the foundation incorporating art, science, and small and large motor activities.

UNBC Chilccare Kids shredded paper box


  • Unstructured art that focuses on the process not the product.
  • Dramatic play with props and costumes.
  • Gross motor play that with rockers, balls and campus walks.
  • Sensory play with items such as sand and water.
  • Manipulative/construction toys such as blocks and puzzles.
  • Story time and music with books and songs.