BSc Biology Major

The BSc in Biology explores major concepts in biology from molecular to community levels. Emphasis is placed on northern ecosystems and the adaptations and adjustments of northern and temperate-climate plants and animals to natural and disturbed environments. The northern forest that surrounds the campus allows courses and labs to be conducted so that students gain practical experience in the immediate campus area-students quickly learn that many courses take advantage of this access to a natural laboratory. Flexibility within the BSc Biology allows students to focus on specific interests such as plant and animal ecology or physiology, conservation biology, wildlife and fisheries ecology, or molecular ecology. By combining the Biology major with a minor, students can further customize their undergraduate degree by increasing focus (e.g., biochemistry minor) or increasing interdisciplinarity (e.g., minors in First Nations Studies, Geography or Anthropology).

Students from certain BC undergraduate institutions who are considering a Biology B.Sc. at UNBC should talk to their institution's advisors about the Biology Flexible Pre-Major. Please see this link for details.

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