Visiting and Exchange Graduate Students

To be eligible for admission as a visiting graduate student to UNBC, the student must be currently registered in a graduate program in good standing at another recognized university.  Students may hold visiting status at UNBC for a maximum of twelve months.

Students may apply to UNBC as a visiting graduate student through one of the following avenues:

Visiting International Students

A graduate student currently studying at an international institution wishing to take courses at UNBC as a visiting student must provide a letter of permission from their home institution and must apply to UNBC as a Non-Degree Student by completing the Application for Admission to Graduate Programs. No other supporting documentation is required. 

Students must request that an official transcript be sent directly to their home institution upon completion of course work.

Visiting Research Students

UNBC welcomes graduate students from other institutions in Canada and abroad who wish to visit in order to undertake research.  Normally, this occurs when a student at another university makes arrangements to visit UNBC in order to work under the supervision of a faculty member at UNBC.  A typical visit would be for one term.

Canadian Students

Canadian students must follow the process defined by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (CAGS).  Please submit the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement (CGSRMA) form and copies of pertinent letters to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Programs at least 2 months prior to arrival at UNBC.

International Students

International students must establish a research agreement with a faculty member at UNBC (as outlined in the Visiting Scholars and Guest Speakers Policy).  The Director of Student Success and International Operations will seek approval from the Chair/Dean of the appropriate program prior to issuing the letter of invitation.

Please note:

  1. UNBC does not charge tuition fees to visiting research students, but they will be asked to pay fees to cover student services and recreation/athletics.
  2. Visiting research students must have medical coverage.
  3. All visiting research students must register for GRAD 950. This course carries no credit and will not be graded.
  4. Visiting research students may not take undergraduate or graduate courses while attending UNBC. Students from other institutions who wish to take courses may apply as visiting graduate students.