Our Mission, Vision and Values

UNBC students learning in the field and at convocation

As a University, there are certain things we hold true, things that are part of who we are and how we will implement this strategic plan.

  • Keep students top of mind in every decision we make and invest in them.
  • Strive for teaching, learning, and research excellence and impact.
  • Honour our connection to communities and contribute to the success and sustainability of the North. 
    • Provide opportunities and pathways to post-secondary education and research for all learners in the North.
    • Help develop an educated, sustainable workforce for the North.
    • Connect with communities through research and development, shaping and responding to socio-economic and environmental changes in the region.
  • Respect learners and learning, knowing that we all have much to learn from one another.
  • Provide the best possible learning and working environment for everyone.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the role of research in learning and learning in research.
  • Continually question our role in a changing world to sustain a strong, vibrant, and relevant presence in northern B.C.

Our Mission

Ignite. Inspire. Lead Change.

UNBC facilitates learning and generates knowledge through teaching and research. How we do that is unique.

We are connected to the North and the communities that call northern British Columbia home.

Supporting the sustainability of these communities is why we exist – this is what drives UNBC.

In service to the North, we ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and champion excellence to help the region thrive.

We lead positive change by sharing what we learn with the world.

Our Vision

Leading a Sustainable Future

Education. Research. Community Impact.

Our Values

In our workplaces, relationships, and communications, we are committed to positive and productive work and learning environments.

Our values inform our lives, our decisions, and our choices. At UNBC we value:

Academic excellence

Excellence in teaching and research is a central tenet of a destination university.

Experiential learning and discovery

Our community celebrates and strives to provide an unparalleled learning experience which ensures that our students are prepared to meet the challenges of a fast-paced modern world, while stepping up and making a difference. UNBC is a champion of intellectual freedom, academic inquiry, learning for its own sake, access to information, learning through applied and best practices in experiential initiatives, and the development and mobilization of new knowledge.

Inclusiveness and diversity

Social and cultural diversity is core to enriching the learning environment of a modern university. The confluence of diversity and respectful discussion stimulates creative thoughts, new ways of thinking, and new pathways of inquiry. This ensures that our research questions address society as a whole and enables us 
to train leaders who understand our local and global communities.


UNBC is a place where community thrives and where we strive to understand and care for other members of our University. It is a place all are welcome and where we commit to being respectful, innovative, resourceful, and responsive in our interactions with others.


To succeed we must be true to who we are, and focus on where we are now and what we want to be in the future. We are honest, supportive, and forthright in all our interactions, confronting problems and issues openly and constructively.