Implementing and Reporting on Progress

UNBC students learning in the classroom, in the field, in the greenhouse

A strategic plan is always a broad strokes document. It can be a little vague and often it is difficult to see how any of the things it promises will happen.

Our plan will be implemented through a cascade of action plans, all taking direction from the strategic plan, and each providing more detail on what people will do to make progress on achieving the strategic goals. 

We also know we don’t have the capacity to do it all at once. UNBC will select a handful of priorities from the strategic goals for focus each year. These priorities will be resourced as needed and progress will be monitored and reported.

Annual Planning Cycle

  1. Assess strategic plan in light of environment
  2. Set institutional strategic priorities
  3. Develop strategies to make progress on the priorities
  4. Identify actions, initiatives, and projects
  5. Begin budgeting
  6. Cascade Planning
    • The planning cascade
      • Institutional Planning
      • Academic Planning
      • Department Planning
      • Individual Planning
  7. Set budget
  8. Begin implementation
  9. Monitor and adjust
  10. Report progress on strategic priorities
  11. Restart planning cycle
Annual Planning Cycle diagram