Strategic Planning

Ready. UNBC's Strategic Plan 2023-2028

"This isn’t my plan – it comes from the communities we serve. This is our plan. More than one thousand voices, from inside and outside the University, shared their voices and their hopes for the future of UNBC." - Dr. Geoffrey Payne, President and Vice-Chancellor

You told us that we need to be ready

Ready for a new and very different future.

Ready to help communities prepare for coming changes.

Ready to forge new relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

Ready to reimagine how we educate, research, and learn so that we can lead this different future.

Ready to listen, to think differently, and to collaborate widely to find innovative solutions to the global challenges we face.

Ready to make our mark.

We are situated in a global microcosm. Pressing issues facing the world today can be explored in the region we call home – climate change, clean energy production, economic diversification, biodiversity, food and water security, to name a few. Filled with passionate people and backed by a community that fought for our existence, we are uniquely positioned to lead the path to a more sustainable future.

This is our plan. We are Ready to make it happen.

Ready. UNBC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028 - Full document

Ready. UNBC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2028 - Foldout document

Ready. UNBC's Strategic Plan 2023-2028 - One-page summary


UNBC ready for the future with new strategic plan