Scholarly Articles

     Paper prepared for the Canadian Women’s Studies Association Conference, Western University,
        London, Ontario. May 29th – 31st 2005
      Panel  Title:  'Bricoleurship/ Multimethods/ Joy-of-chaos/ Cultural Studies Approaches to      Research'.
     Session title: Cultural studies, creativity, and other  funky additions to our social work assets!
     Topic Area(s):  Classroom/Teaching and Field Education
     Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work,May 29th–June 1st, 2005
     Conference Theme: Re-Imagining Social Work: Seeing both Forest and Trees
     Session Organized by: Si Transken 
     Critical Social Work, 2002 Vol. 3, No. 1
Lynn Si
Editors - Si Transken – UNBC Associate Professor, Social Work/Women's Studies & Lynn Box – UNBC Alumina 2003
Whatnew book
“Making Noise: Northern Women, Caring, and In/Visible Dis/Abilities” 
Available now at the UNBC Bookstore, from the editors, or the UNBC Women’s Centre.
This book expresses the thoughts and feelings of twenty-six women who experience health issues in their own bodies/lives and / or struggle to care for those who have health issues here in northern British Columbia. Most women are vulnerable to encountering some aspects of these health problems at some time in our lives. Our contributors here have shared their experiences with: MS, migraines, IBS, heart attacks, menopause, schizophrenia, clinical depression, carpel tunnel, bipolar disease, healing from drug/alcohol addictions, insomnia, high blood pressure, asthma, fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDs, horrible malfunctions of the bowel, witnessing & caring for a dying loved one.
We are hopeful that this book honours the creativity, resilience, complexities, courage, sense of humour, and righteous anger /disappointments that northern women confronting these life challenges manifest. We are also hopeful that this book will help the world understand the nuances and range of experiences we live with/ through. Our belief is that Making Noise will serve a vital purpose: to teach the wider community about ways to enhance and respect the lives of those who encounter these diseases/dis-eases. There may be other books out there which speak to these health and oppression concerns but our book, we believe, is more interesting, fresh, polyvocal – irresistibly Northern British Columbia flavoured and distinctive. This book is also coming out at a time when privatization and ‘outsourcing’ and ‘downloading’ of health care costs are in the forefront. Women like us in this book – we aren’t the ones who’ll be invited into the real policy making and funding allocation discussions!
si + dahne
Si and Dahne just finished their presentation at the Ottawa AGM for the Association for Bibliotherapy & Literature for Life, 2009