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Si and Ken reading at PG Pride
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Si Transken (Who's Who of Canadian Women)
Si has been in Prince George long enough to appreciate: the minimal snow, maximal kindness, long conversations, short distances she travels by bus. She is impressed that there is so little dust on the shoulders and minds of the professors she meets here. The bagels and coffee are good. 

Her doctorate is in Equity Studies from the University of Toronto. She was taught by Laurentian University students for three years before coming here to teach in the Social Work and Gender Studies Program. Her private practice, Trans/Formative Services brings women into her life who are courageous, tenacious, and clawing their way through the pain that patriarchy, classism, heterosexism,
and many other ugly oppressions
dropped onto their lives. In her private practice she assists women struggling with sexual abuse issues, violence, eating disorders, depression... Together with her clients she attempts to fully reclaim  women’s hope, creativity, vision, and empowerment. When Si facilitates workshops on women’s issues she likes to leave them laughing, coloring, drawing, singing, playing because they already know how to suffer. 
Si has been involved in Jezebel's Jam every year as an organizer and a performer. Jezebel's Jam is an annual fundraiser organized through the Northern Women's Centre, and has supported numerous organizations around the community, including AWAC, STOP, the Sexual Assault Centre and the Beach House.

Cohorts enjoying Si's art at a UNBC Coffee Night event in 2009.

Si explaining a piece at a UNBC Coffee Night event in 2009.
 Si explaining a piece at a UNBC Coffee Night event in 2009.
 Si at a UNBC Coffee Night event in 2009.