Upcoming and Current Events!

Respect WeekSi with some of her students, participating in Respect Week

UNBC hosts Respect Week every year, with each day focusing on a different aspects of respect, including multiculturalism, gender, sexuality and mental health. Si has always been involved in organizing different events for the week, and is great a facilitating fun, engaging events that allows everyone to participate.

UNBC Annual Coffee Night

The UNBC Annual Coffee Night is an evening dedicated to celebrating creativity, and has proved to be an excellent way to connect local talent on and off campus. Hosted by the UNBC Arts Council, Si has been involved in organizing the coffee nights, as well as emceeing and reading some of her poetry as well.

In 2012, there were over 100 people in attendance, with scheduled performances and many inspiring open-mic acts as well. Below are some pictures of the event, which was co-hosted with the First Nations Centre.

Si at Jezebel's Jam 2012Jezebel's Jam

Jezebel's Jam is an annual fundraiser organized by the Northern Women's Centre, and has supported numerous organizations around the community, including AWAC, STOP, the Sexual Assault Centre and the Beach House. Jezebel was the Queen of Israel in the biblical times and is often slighted as the wickedest woman in the Bible - her name has been used as a synonym for sexually promiscuous and sometimes controlling women. In efforts to celebrate strong, powerful women, and to reclaim the negative connotation of the language associated with Jezebel, every year local artists, musicians and writers gather to celebrate women's successes. Si has been involved in Jezebel's Jam every year, as an organizer, as a performer, and as a supporter of women and local artists.

In 2012, Si donated over 25 pieces of art for a silent auction. Below are some pictures of the event, including Si's art.

Summer Youth Writing Camps - Artivism

Si has taken part in the Raise-a-Reader Youth Writing Camp since it started, facilitating art workshops that encourage the students to think about different modes of creativity. Always full of fun and laughter, students get to dig through art supplies, and begin to think about where their head is at as a writer. Below are some pictures from these workshops.

AWAC Art Project

Since 2006, Si has been actively involved with AWAC, a women's homeless shelter. For one year she was a front line worker, then a researcher/ activist and these last years she has been co-facilitating art therapy sessions with AWAC residents. She also facilitates workshops for staff of this shelter and other shelters and women's organizations. The canvases below each have a narrative about their meanings. Si is continuing to do research on Arts based healing and research. She teaches a course called 'Authoethnography and Arts Based Research'. This is a course offered at the masters level and at the undergraduate level. While doing this work, she has supervised to completion three MA Gender Studies thesis projects.