MSc NRES Degree

The MSc NRES is designed for students whose research interests have a scientific emphasis, and attracts students from disciplines such as biology, forestry, environmental science, and physical geography, as well as other scientifically-oriented areas of resource management.

Students must choose from the following areas of study:

  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Forestry
  • Geography
  • Outdoor Recreation, Conservation and Tourism

Program Overview

Required Courses

  • NRES 700-3
  • NRES 701-1
  • One methods course selected in discussion with your supervisor

Thes​e required courses allow students to learn about the philosophy of research and its methods and offer opportunities to learn about each other’s research as well as the mechanics of being a graduate student (developing research proposals, presenting at conferences, etc.).

Elective Courses

  •  6 credits at the 600 and 700 level

Elective courses provide students with the option to pursue their specialized interests and build expertise in their individual field of study.

Students may take elective courses from other academic units at UNBC or from other universities.


The MSc NRES also requires the writing and defense of an independent research thesis (NRES 790-12).