School of Education - September 2018 Edition

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September 7, 2018
School of Education - September 2018 Edition (Page 1/2)
School of Education - September 2018 Edition (Page 1/2)

School of Education - September 2018

Welcome back B.Ed. Teacher Candidates!

B.Ed. Teacher Candidates have returned to the Terrace campus fortheir second, and final year, of our B.Ed. program. Their next twosemesters will be intense as they work towards obtaining arecommendation from UNBC for professional certification from theMinistry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch. This certificationis required for individuals to be employed in the British Columbiapublic school system.
Similar to the first year of the program, this final year includes a mixture of both course work and practica. In the current semester, B.Ed. Teacher Candidates will be placed at schools in local andsurrounding communities for a four week practicum, from October 15th to November 9th. Their course work in a variety of topics, including Indigenous Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Diversity, and Classroom Assessment among others, will run before and after their practicum.

Faculty News

Marian Kotowich-Laval and Verna McDonald held a workshop called “Seeding community vision and hope through nameless selfless service” at the 2018 UNBC-CNC Teaching & Learning Conference in Prince George on August 29, 2018.
Their workshop focused on how an effective partnership can create a cultural and academic infusion. This can be achieved by weaving the fabric of community, and engaging community leaders alongside academic supporters. It explored and gave examples of listening to community member’s goals and visions, then partnered with them as collaborators and co-educators in order to realize that vision.

Master of Education in Counselling

UNBC is considering offering the M.Ed. in Counselling program at the Terrace campus*
  • The M.Ed. Counselling specialization is designed to prepare counsellors to provide professional services and leadership in counselling and psycho-educational programs offered in schools, postsecondary institutions, social service agencies, and community health organizations.
  • Students have the opportunity to choose the type(s) of counselling they wish to focus upon, and to complete periods of supervised clinical practice in practicum settings that are relevant to their interest, based on availability.
  • The program includes an integrated core of required courses, elective courses, and a thesis, projector comprehensive examination.
*Availability of the program will vary in response to demand. If you are interested in completing your
M.Ed. in Counselling at the UNBC Terrace campus
Contact Caitlyn Eide at

Linda's Links

  • Edutopia is absolutely full of useful articles, videos and links about topics like Literacy, Classroom Management, SEL, Teaching Strategies, and Mindfulness. Here are two to check out. Under Topics go to Brain-Based Learning - The Social Classroom. An informative video about group work and peer-to-peer collaboration. Also check out Teaching Strategies - Recognizing and Alleviating Math Anxiety.
  • The article “Illustrated story books are better for kids’ brains than videos or text, study finds” is very interesting and thought-provoking. There is a link to the study as well.