Fall 2019 - Public Presentation Schedule Announced!

September 26, 2019

We've finalized our schedule for the Fall 2019 Public Presentation series!

Fall 2019 - Public Presentation Schedule

This presentation builds on the authors’ close engagements in the Collaborative Fiscal Policy Process (CFPP) to offer an insider’s view of the approach established by Canada with selfgoverning Indigenous governments (SGIGs). The discussion will look at some of the changing attitudes among certain departments within the federal system and speak to the importance of relationships and the respect required to collaborate effectively. More broadly, the presentation examines more cooperative approaches in negotiating concessions between Canada and Indigenous Governments, and as a means to avoid dispute resolution and court.

While climate change, ecotoxicity, and biodiversity loss are keystones of modern human land-use, we know that humans have not always negatively influenced the environments they inhabit. Using a suite of historical-ecological and archaeological methods, I explore anthropogenic impacts in the Skeena watershed over the last 5,000 years. I highlight how we untangle past cultural and biophysical processes that have resulted in functionally diverse and resilient ecosystems observed today. Examples drawn from the Coast to the Interior emphasize the important role of historical ecology in contemporary land-use practices and Indigenous rights and title.

  • November 4 (Special Date!):  Francis E. (Jack) Putz - "Defining Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics: A Disaggregated Landscape Approach"'

    Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) has become the guiding paradigm for forestry around the world, but all too often it is not clearly defined. While I accept that SFM is more than sustained yield timber management, I worry about the consequences for nature of broad interpretations of “sustainability” that allow exchanges of natural for other sorts of capital (i.e., built, financial, social, and human). Elsevier’s JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE MINING is a case-in-point. I take a nature lover’s approach to reclaiming the concept of sustainability, and explore its application in the context of forested land-uses in the world’s tropics.

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  • November 27: Corrie Wheeler - “Health Sciences Field School in Greenland” [Cancelled due to job action]
  • January 15, 2020: Richard Schuster - "Democratizing Conservation Planning for Nature and People" [Original date: November 13, 2019]