Fall 2019 Course Electives Announced

June 27, 2019

Fall 2019 Course Electives - UNBC Terrace Campus

  • This course focuses on the identification, comparative anatomy and evolution of fishes, amphibians and reptiles. Particular reference is made to species endemic to British Columbia.
  • This course provides students with a broad knowledge base and a sound understanding of various environmental problems in the north, with particular emphasis on practical skills to address such problems.
  • Climate change and global warming caused by human activity has become one of the most significant environmental, social and economic threats that we have faced. This course presents the science of global climate change and global warming. Emphasis is placed on scientific principles responsible for climate changes, observed evidence of global climate change and global warming, and future climate change.
  • This course provides and introduction to the biophysical and human landscapes of British Columbia with a special emphasis on the relationship of Northern British Columbia to the rest of the province.
  • Environmental history examines changing relationships between humans and the environment, including how human societies have been shaped by the environment; how environment have influenced human societies, and how humans have thought about the environment.


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