Here at UNBC, sustainability is in our nature, for a wide variety of reasons. Geographically, we are located in one of the world’s most magnificent natural settings: Northern BC. We are living in the North during a time of great change, including the lingering impacts of the pine beetle, increased interest in mineral and energy resource development, and our changing climate.

There are important questions to address regarding what sustainability means in the North, and as a university for the North, UNBC is uniquely positioned to address these considerations. This is evidenced by our four foci of scholarship, notably: Environment and natural resources; First Nations and Indigenous issues; Northern community sustainability and development; and Health and quality of life. In many regards we are living out the dreams of our founders, who imagined a university that would “improve the world through its research, service, and the graduates it produced.”

Like any university, we question who we are and what makes us sustainable. Adopting the trademark “Canada’s Green University” in 2007 has helped guide us in our mission. We have accomplished much since then, and will continue showing leadership by engaging our community and broader region in an ongoing process of discovery and improvement.