Core faculty teach or otherwise contribute directly to the BA Environmental and Sustainability Studies, the BA Joint Major in English and Environmental and Sustainability Studies and the BA Joint Major in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Political Science. Other faculty at UNBC also work with Environmental and Sustainability Studies students through supervising Undergraduate Theses and Reports, Independent Studies and, of course, the other required courses for the degrees.

  • Dr. Annie Booth
    BA, MES, PhD, MCIP
    • Professor
    • Curriculum Chair, Environmental and Sustainability Studies

    Supervises in: PhD NRES ; MA NRES Environmental Studies ; MNRES ; MSc NRES Environmental Science

    I hold a PhD in Land Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1992), where I studied environmental ethics, Native American Studies, eco-feminism and bio-regionalism, among other things. I also have a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University in Ontario (1985), where I studied... more
  • Dr. Art Fredeen
    PhD (UC Berkeley, 1988), BScA (University of Saskatchewan, 1983)
    • Professor
    Lab 8-237

    Supervises in: PhD NRES ; MSc NRES Biology ; MSc NRES Environmental Science ; MSc NRES Forestry ; MNRES

    Dr. Fredeen is a forest ecophysiologist.
  • Scott Green
    • Associate Professor

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology ; MSc NRES Forestry ; MNRES

    Dr. Green is a forest ecologist with interests in marginal environments and forest responses to climate change. He is also an active and founding member of the UNBC Farmers' Market.
  • Dr. Kathy Lewis
    • Professor
    • Program Chair, Ecosystem Science and Management
  • Zoë Meletis
    • Associate Professor
    Zoë teaches ENVS 309 Gender and Environmental Studies. She is a member of the Geography Program. Zoë's work to date has focused on tourism and ecotourism development, local perceptions of environment and place, consumption (the politics of; the impacts of; alternative forms of), international... more