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The BEd program is based on a signature pedagogy focused on People, Place and Land. Teacher Candidates graduating from UNBC’s Bachelor of Education program will be empowered to develop their professional voices as educators and leaders. They will have experienced authentic engagement through continuous, in situ inquiry with Aboriginal/Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Doing, moving beyond simply learning about Aboriginal Education and Truth and Reconciliation, to questioning, exploring, focusing and refocusing how and why this work impacts teaching and learning. Particular emphasis will be placed on the integration of Literacy and Numeracy skills across the BEd program as it relates to the K–12 curricula.
The BEd program is a full-time program which will require all students to be available from Monday to Friday throughout the entire program. This may include some evening classes.

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Teacher candidates in both the Elementary and Secondary streams complete course work and practicum experiences over a 16-month period. Upon completion, successful candidates are granted a B.Ed. degree and will be recommended to the Teacher Regulation Branch for a professional teaching certificate. Individuals require this certificate to teach in the public schools in the province of British Columbia.

Elementary (Grades K-7)

The Elementary Stream prepares teacher candidates to work with the unique learning needs of children who are beginning their school years. This model reflects current thinking about children's levels of cognitive and social development.

Secondary (Grades 8-12)

The Secondary Stream prepares individuals to teach in grades 8 through 12 in specialty areas. This model reflects current thinking about optimizing the match between educational theory and children's levels of cognitive and social development.

Practicum Overview

This program includes classroom observations and practice in all four semesters of study. In the fall of Year 1 teacher candidates will complete a directed observation practicum followed in the winter semester by a three-week teaching practicum. In the fall of Year 2 teacher candidates complete a four-week equivalent practicum followed by a 10 week practicum in the winter semester. Elementary teacher candidates will teach all subjects in the elementary curriculum; secondary teacher candidates will teach the subjects for which they are academically prepared.

For more information about the BEd program, please view our program requirements.