B.Ed. Program at a Glance

The School of Education offers the following programs:

Prince George, BC

A two-year post-degree program that offers Elementary (grades K-7) and Secondary (grades 8-12) Streams. It is designed for university students who have already completed a first degree and who wish to continue their education in order to become teachers. The School of Education will be accepting applications for the September 2018 intake in Prince George up to January 15, 2018. At this time, late applications will be considered for the Secondary Years stream only.

Terrace, BC

Either a two-year concurrent Elementary (grades K-7) Stream or a  two-year post-degree program which will run every second year beginning in the Fall of 2007. It is designed for university students who wish to complete a five-year Bachelor of Education degree or who wish to complete a B.Ed degree following their first undergraduate degree.
Time Limit Transfer Credit Not Applicable
Transfer credit for coursework relating to the ninety (90) credits in teachable fields relevant to the BC School system that have been completed prior to UNBC registration in the Bachelor of Education program are not subject to the ten-year provision (regulation #18) in the university calendar Time Limit for Transfer Credit (p. 55, 2011-12 Undergraduate Academic Calendar), but will be determined by the School of Education based upon acceptable academic coursework.

Elementary (Grades K-7)
The Elementary Stream prepares teacher candidates to work with the unique learning needs of children who are beginning their school years. This model reflects current thinking about children's levels of cognitive and social development.
Secondary (Grades 8-12)
The Secondary Stream prepares individuals to teach in grades 8 through 12 in specialty areas. This model reflects current thinking about optimizing the match between educational theory and children's levels of cognitive and social development.
Practicum Overview
This program includes classroom observations and practice in all four semesters of study. In the fall of Year 1 teacher candidates will complete a directed observation practicum followed in the winter semester by a three-week teaching practicum. In the fall of Year 2 teacher candidates complete a four-week equivalent practicum followed by a 10 week practicum in the winter semester. Elementary teacher candidates will teach all subjects in the elementary curriculum; secondary teacher candidates will teach the subjects for which they are academically prepared.

Overview of BEd Courses by Semester
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