Our Alumni


Li, Andrea
MA Development Economics (2017)

"UNBC's knowledgeable professors are always willing to help students to succeed in their studies. There are also many research opportunities for students to apply for, and I was offered both a teaching assistantship and research assistantship during my study in UNBC. Those experiences help me to develop learning skills and communication skills for my future learning and also help me to be more competitive in the job market."

Maxwell, Keely
MA Development Economics (2012)

"The access to and relationships with the professors are above and beyond. This is evident not only in the classroom but also in the many opportunities that were afforded to me in the areas of research and teaching assisting, all of which were crucial to leading me down the path that I am on today."

Osinike, Peace
MA Development Economics (2014)

"The Economics program at UNBC prepares students for the application of economic theories in the real world. The program integrates theory into the hands-on, practical experience needed to produce well-rounded economics graduates, ready to take on active roles in the real world or go further to graduate school."


Anderson, Ethan
BA Economics (2013)

"Small classes, unique opportunities, and great professors were incredibly important to my personal and professional growth."

Grieve, Clark
BA Economics (2014)

"All students at UNBC need to have higher awareness that attending UNBC will allow them to pursue and compete for amazing jobs anywhere in Canada and the world. This is the best ROI a University degree can have. You won’t just take it with you wherever you go, a UNBC degree will take you where you want to go."

Musta, Eslir
BA Economics (2006)

"One of the major contributions of the Economics program at UNBC is the exposure to rigorous critical thinking in assessing different situations. I credit my capacity in dealing with different issues today to the wide range of courses at UNBC from economic thought, macroeconomics, globalization, to behavioural economics, to name just a few."

Nadorozny, Karlee
BA Economics and International Studies (2017)

Tarzwell, Caleb
BSc Economics and Mathematics (2012)

Toor, Manjeet
BA Economics (2012)

Vickers, Adam
BA Economics and Political Science (2014)